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Tech-i-licious -- December 2010

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What’s making News!

Samsung-Google latest child, Nexus S, named after Google’s premarital miscarriage Nexus One. Xbox gets the much awaited motion gaming upgrade. Galaxy Tab and iPad fist fight. Plus a quick recap of the ten most powerful tweets of 2010.

But before this, let’s face the truth. IBM is among the top 3 employers for Social Media professionals, as per a study done by Mashable. IBM claims to have the largest corporate network of employees using social media, with more than 200,000 employees on LinkedIn, the same amount on Facebook and 70,000 members of its in-house social network “SocialBlue.”

Company wide, IBM encourages the use of social media and says it has invested “heavily” in social media tools to help employees collaborate more effectively. In order to help employees understand what is expected of them in the social space, IBM first published its “IBM Social Computing Guidelines” in 2005 and since then the guidelines have been revised by employees three times. Read more »

Google Nexus S

Google has turned to Samsung for the next generation of Nexus device, this time known as the Google Nexus S. The “S” heritage plays it straight down the line as an evolution of the Samsung Galaxy S. Nexus S is the first smartphone to have the 2.3 version of Android named Gingerbread. Gingerbread is the fastest version of Android yet, and it delivers a number of improvements, such as user interface refinements, a new keyboard and text selection tool, Internet calling etc.

Nexus S Video

Xbox Kinect

Microsoft Xbox finally gets the much awaited motion gaming functionality and it certainly looks the best among all. The first and only gaming station that actively integrates both voice, a camera and full-body sensing into games and the core Xbox experience. Gesture navigation consists of moving your hand in time with the cursor, holding it in place while a selection confirms. It works, and is fairly accurate; with the only downside being things take longer than with a controller. Voice, on the other hand, works almost flawlessly, even if you're limited in things you can do with it because you're just saying words that are on screen. It's accurate, even mid-movie, thanks to its directional mikes. If I had to choose between gestures and voice, I'd choose voice when possible. And guess what you need not dump your existing Xbox 360 or the previous version; just upgrade it to Kinect with a price under INR 10k.

The Big Fight: iPad v/s Galaxy Tab



Galaxy Tab


Viewing Experience

768 x 1,024 pixels

600 x 1,024 pixels

iPad wins; better viewing experience

Portability (screen size diagonally)



Galaxy Tab wins; Ease of use

Speed (processor)

Apple A4

Crotex A8



WiFi (3G at extra cost) + Bluetooth 2.1

3G + WiFi + Bluetooth 3.0 + USB

Galaxy Tab wins



Dual Camera

Enables Video calling; Galaxy Tab Wins


Around 3000 apps at iTunes

Much lesser apps for tablets at Android Market

iPad wins

Price (in INR)

45,000 (includes duty charges, officially yet to be launched in India)


Galaxy Tab wins

The Final Verdict: Though iPad scores greatly at number of apps, Galaxy Tab is a clear winner due to portability and advanced connectivity features.

From the Twitterverse: A quick peek into the 10 most powerful tweets of 2010 --

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