Sunday, June 04, 2006

lonesome moments

Staying up at nights have become one of my forte' these days. As if I just need an excuse to practice this habit. Thanks to the 24x7 working hour shifts.

I was still glued to WS receiver, it's playing, 'Where is the love - Elephunk’. Very unusual song of Black eyed peas, but actually they're good at it, though it's just another hip-hop number, but it's wrapped in a little meaningful lyrics. Ever wondered how they had sung a serious issue of terrorism and dreadful killing of people... Should I really think this much, it's just another song?

It was close to 2 am, and I was indulged in a Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey hook-up/break-up grapevine section on The download of napster player, which had been running for the last 4 hrs was nearing it’s completion. Phew! It says just 6 mins 38 secs more.

I have been staying in Bangalore for over a year, but still I could not get acquainted with the weather of this city. It had rained 4 times since evening, but according to the met. department Monsoon is still no way near. And here it goes again...

The download was over. I was just preparing myself to fiddle around with this new player, and guess what, 'ERROR OCCURED while opening the file'.

I am gonna escape from here now, where is my pillow?

Friday, June 02, 2006

24x7 Super Market

A series of ads for a 24x7 supermarket. The first ad is for the eye wear the second is for the baby food and the last is for the toys available at this one of its kind 24x7 supermarket. The concept is just awesome.

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Razor you can talk with?

Don't go by it's name. It can't be used for shaving...

Just did it

How Nike is beating it's rival... Just doing it, or may be did it?

Mute AC?


Virgin Atlantic...?

Wow... Nice concept